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KVCCC - Transport Department rally on 10th Feb 2021

32nd National Road Safety Month - 2021

K P Subbaiah

When the RTO - KA03, Kasturinagar, planted a small seed with some of us, requesting for a few Vintage & Classic Cars and Bikes for a Road Safety Event, we could not imagine how things would take root in the next few days.

RTO-KA03 went to their Head Office for approval of this event, promoting Road Safety. Showcasing a few Vintage and Classic cars, Women Auto-Drivers, Women Motorbike Riders, Schools Buses etc was the plan. Much to the surprise of RTO-KA03, the Head Office asked them to plan for big event and try and get at least 30 V&C Cars.

The wheels suddenly started to churn very fast. RTO-KA03 reached out to KVCCC requesting for a larger participation. The request was at a very short notice and we had a concern whether enough cars and bikes would be available. Secondly this was on a Wednesday, a working day.

The well oiled machinery at KVCCC started to churn and right from the President, Vice President, Secretary, the Events Committee became hyper active. In true reflection of the spirit of the Club, we had fantastic support from the Members. In no time had close to 30 entries were confirmed

The enthusiasm shown by KVCCC was indeed mirrored at RTO-KA03. Police permission for a signal free drive, proper parking arrangements at the CBD was made. At CBD a hearty breakfast, followed by interaction with the Press and handling over of Memento’s was planned. Starting point was at RTO-KA03 and end point was at St. Joseph’s Indian High School grounds. Route Map was shared and all the police permissions and escorts were confirmed.

As planned, on Wednesday, 10th February, 2021 the Event started to roll. RTO-KA03 had made fantastic arrangements for all the participants. Road Transport Officers from various other RTO’s joined this event.

Sri. Nefanand B K, Senior Regional Transport Officer of KA03, his staff and volunteers were there to oversee every requirement of the participants. Their commitment to this event is very commendable.

Raising the profile of this event was Sri. Narendra Holkar, Additional Commissioner for Transport. This demonstrated the seriousness the Transport Department gave to Road Safety.

Our member Samuel Philip was so inspired by seeing the women auto drivers, that he offer interest free loans to two women auto drivers to buy their own autos. What a noble gesture Sir, we applaud you.

After the program on Road Safety, speeches from the Transport Officials and other participants, the cars were flagged off. RTO officials joined us in some of the cars. We saw the power of cooperation between the RTO and Police to ensure a signal free drive across the heart of the city. At the St. Joseph’s grounds, breakfast was served, interaction with Press was done. The Mementos from the Transport Department were presented by the Father Principal for St.Josephs Indian High School.

The wide Press coverage and positive buzz at the RTO’s and our members did indeed reflect the success of this well planned event.

KVCCC would like to place on record the role of Sr. Regional Transport Officer, Sri Nefanand B K for conceptualisation and execution of this event. We would also like to thank Sri Narendra Holkar, Additional Transport Commissioner for being part of this event.

We at KVCCC have pledged our support to our RTO’s, for any such event going forward. Road safety remains important to us


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