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Travels and travails with Dev

Probably, one of the best ways to get out of Bangalore, particularly if one lives on the eastern rim of the city as I do,is to hit the old Madras Road. Old Dev was put through his paces again. A solo drive to Devarayasamudra, in Mulbagal Taluk allowed the little fellow to warm up and fly a bit. When you start an old car, he sounds a bit rough, like an experienced singer clearing his throat. Dev does not like city traffic, so I got him out of the snarls early enough. After a bemused toll gate keeper bent down to give us our ticket - I could easily have driven under his barrier - I opened up the throttle. Nearly two hundred kilometers in a shade over four hours, was pretty good going, for a sixty eight year old beast.

The best thing about being alone in a sports car is that it gives you the impression of speed, even when it is at a sedate pace. The road rushes at your long bobbing bonnet, when you tap the pedals. With no wind protection and Dev's throaty exhaust singing in my ear, this was my Walter Mitty moment!

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