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Federation of Historic Vehicles of India Grand Heritage Drive 2020

February 25, 2020

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August 1, 2017

The Historic Vehicle Movement in Karnataka, India is in full swing. The
Karnataka Vintage and Classic Car Club (KVCCC) is one of the oldest clubs in the
country, established in 1979. In order to appeal to a young audience in a country
that has more than 50% of it’s population under the age of 30, the club recently
elected an entirely new committee under the guidance of its senior members.
What is special about this committee is that, it not only has a large youth
representation, with it’s youngest Committee Member being 28 years, but is also
proud to be the first club in India to have a women Vice President.



To celebrate this welcomed change, the club organized it’s very first outstation
Classic Car Drive and Treasure Hunt of 360 kilometers, inspired by a recent
event organized by their neighbours, the Ceylon Classic Car Club.
Since the club was experimenting with this new format, participation was limited
to 20 vehicles. Cars and bikes from across the city sent in their entries.
Participants ranged from the early 1930 Austins to the roaring cats, the Jaguar E-
Type, Jaguar MK VII, to the gorgeous American Buick, everybody’s favourite
Beetles, the MGB, the flamboyant Lincoln Zephyr and the trusted Landmaster,
Fiats and Lambretta.


 29 th July was the day of the event. Agreeing to an early start, cars drove in to the
meeting point outside Bangalore City. The weather was perfect, the sun was just
rising and a cool breeze wafted about. Excitement loomed all around as
participants were briefed about the sequence of events.

Vehicles were given a Bogey Time of exactly 2 hours to reach their first pit stop.
A minute early and they lose 2 points, a minute late and they lose 1 point. In
addition, clues were set at approximate intervals of 5 kilometers. These clues
involved paying close attention to sign boards, running into stores to collect
souvenirs, multilingual hints to decode landmarks, and so on. Each right answer
led to 2 points and bonus tasks of collecting local bus tickets and taking selfies
with the ever-so- friendly cows led to a whopping 4 points, each.
Watches were synchronized, questions went back and forth and finally with a
loud cheer the group was set to take off. Vehicles lined up for the flag off.
Cars were seen with participants, especially the little ones, all huddled up
together, leaning over the front, eagerly opening the clues and peering out of the
windows to be the first to spot them.



Two hours had flown by and before we knew it cars were driving into their first
pit stop. Participants were waving their filled answer sheets with immense
pride. Children were running up proclaiming how they “didn’t miss even one
answer”! Once the sheets were submitted, everyone was eager to compare notes
and share stories of the mini adventures that they had just encountered in order
to gain those golden points.


After breakfast, participants were now warmed up for Part II. ‘What’s next?
What’s next?’ was the constant murmur that went around. The second stretch
had beautiful highways with minimal traffic so the drivers got to enjoy the
sounds of their engines as their cars effortlessly cruised along. Vigorous hand
waves, winks and grins were exchanged.


The final destination was a 2 hour and 30 minute drive from the pit stop. As the
cars were approaching the end of the drive, the scenery changed. The road
opened up to a magnificent view of the large Krishna Sagar Dam with beautiful
gardens overlooking it. Right in the middle, was the grand heritage palace hotel,
awaiting us with loud drums, music and garlands for our arrival. One would
think four and a half hours of driving in the hot sun would dampen the spirits,
but not for our participants. The rhythm of the drums got everyone moving to
the beats and joining in with the festivities.



After a leisure lunch and rest, it was time for the final part of the event, the ‘Pagal
Gymkhana’. In an empty ground, cones were laid out and participants had to
reverse, zig zag and circle their way through them.

Every single member was pepped up, thanks to a loud countdown. Adrenaline
pumping sounds of high revs and the sweet smell of burning petrol filled the air.
With a final shout of ‘GO!’ they were off swaying and sliding and having the time
of their lives with their true loves, these beautiful vintage vehicles. It was the end
of the day, but the enthusiasm seemed to have only gained momentum.




At the end of the day, it was more than just a treasure hunt or a classic car drive.
It was an experience that built immense solidarity, affection and fondness
between a group of extremely passionate individuals. There was immense
respect for each other’s cars and for completing the challenge. Whether the
participants were aged 4 or 80, everyone was competing with incredibly
sincerity and enthusiasm.



New friends made, old friends caught up and fond memories made that would
linger on.


The icing on the cake was the witness of a new generation of passionate
youngsters who would ensure the preservation and protection of these timeless
automobiles for years to come.

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